Get relief for your sleep issues in 3 simple steps immediately.


Step 1: Online Assessment

An independent board-certified physician will review your health and sleep assessment and conduct an online review to determine the best treatment options. Depending on the assessment, treatment options will range from a home sleep study, referrals to an overnight sleep clinic &/or physician.

Step 2: At Home Sleep Study

If you’re a candidate for an overnight sleep study, we’ll send you a home sleep study. Take the home sleep study in one night from the comfort of your home without having to step foot in a doctor’s office or a sleep lab. If you prefer and you’re a candidate, we can refer you to an overnight sleep clinic for testing.

Step 3: Treatment

A physician will analyze the results of your home sleep study and prescribe the appropriate sleep therapy, if indicated. We’ll provide guidance and support throughout the process and help you on your journey to better sleep & healthier living.