About Luna

Who is Luna for?

Luna is for adults who are experiencing trouble sleeping, heavy snoring, sleep apnea, or daytime sleepiness and prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of their home.

Do I need a prescription to use Luna?

No, you do not need a prescription. The physicians on the Luna platform will write a prescription for the appropriate treatment after your online visit and home sleep study.

Where is Luna Available?

Luna is currently available in most states in the US. If we're not available in your area, please email care@helloluna.co and we’ll put it at the top of our to-do list.

Who are the doctors at Luna?

All of the physicians at Luna are U.S. licensed physicians with experience treating sleep related issues. Each doctor undergoes an extensive background check and license verification process.

When you message or talk with a physician on the Luna platform you can see their resume, medical license, and credentials anytime you want. Just click on their name in the messaging thread in your account and take a look.

Luna also has a medical advisory board that includes world-renowned clinical directors, and medical leaders in fields including neurology, sleep medicine, otolaryngology and family medicine. Email care@helloluna.co to learn more about our medical team.

Is my information safe?

We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously. We’ve designed the Luna platform to comply with all relevant privacy laws and have implemented strict security protocols to protect your information.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Where is Luna Health located?

We're headquartered in New York and our team is based both in New York and California. We're a group of healthcare professionals and technologists who want to make healthcare convenient, affordable and customer focused for everyone.

Cost, Pricing & Insurance

How much does a doctor's visit cost?

For a limited time we're offering this service for free ($0). Normally, your online visit costs $10. The doctor's visit cost doesn’t include the cost of your home sleep study (if reccomended).

Is Luna covered by insurance?

Luna services are not covered by insurance, but the $10 online visit is less than most copays ($20-$50) or cash pay ($100+) costs. We're working to partner with insurance companies and we hope to offer this option in the future.

How much does the home sleep study cost?

If prescribed, the cost of the home sleep study is $99 plus shipping & handling.


Do I need to see a doctor in-person to use Luna?

No. But Luna is a complement to—not a replacement of—your primary care physician (PCP). So it’s important to keep your PCP and any other physicians involved in your care, up to date with your care at Luna. You can email our medical support team at care@helloluna.co any time you want to share your medical information with your PCP or other doctors.

Is this a safe way to receive treatment?

Yes. Telemedicine is safe and effective—as long as patients answer questions truthfully, accurately, and completely. Luna physician depend solely on the information you provide during your visit and via secure chat, phone, or video. They have no way of externally verifying the information you provide.

How quickly will a doctor review my initial history?

After your online visit a doctor will complete their initial review of your medical history within 48 hours. If you’ve been waiting longer than this, please email care@helloluna.co and we’ll take care of it.

It's an emergency, what do I do?

In an emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Sleep Apnea & Home Sleep Study

Can a physician review home sleep study results and diagnose sleep apnea remotely?

Yes, in most cases. Sleep apnea can be diagnosed by a physician based on a patient self-reporting their symptoms and medical history. And a physician reviewing the results of a home sleep study.

Physicians on the Luna platform use telemedicine technologies to diagnose sleep apnea in the same way they diagnose patients in-person. Doctors ask you questions to evaluate your symptoms and make sure it’s safe and appropriate to prescribe a home sleep study. The physicians on the Luna platform use your answers to diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan. That’s why it’s vital you answer each question to the best of your knowledge and ensure that every communication with your physician is truthful, accurate, and thorough.

How is the Luna home sleep study different from an overnight sleep lab study?

There are two major differences between the Luna home sleep study and an overnight laboratory sleep study:

Cost - An overnight laboaratoy sleep study costs more than $2000, compared to $99.

Convenience - The Luna home sleep study can be done at home in a single night on your own schedule.

In some cases, based on your symptoms and medical history, our physicians will recommend an overnight laboratory sleep study. In those cases, our team will help you find a center that's close by and accepts your insurance.

How does the Luna home sleep study work?

We will mail you a small, lightweight device that you strap onto your chest. While asleep, the device measures breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels, and snoring. Using this information, a Luna physician is able to get a detailed look at how you are sleeping and determine what treatments could help you sleep better.

How will I receive the results of my study?

After sending back your testing device, our physicians analyze the results and send you a summarized report with study results and treatment suggestions.

Are the results of my study shared with anyone else?

No, the results are yours. If you'd like to share the results with your insurance company, primacy care physician or durable medical equipment supplier, you can do so via our website or email us at care@helloluna.co